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Make the cache checkbox default-on in the new calendar dialog


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Steps to reproduce:

Create a new calendar
Select "On the network" and see the windows

Actual results:

The last line is only a checkbox called "cache". No explanation,  no tooltip. I wonder what I am supposed to do here

Expected results:

Some text should describe what does this option mean in order to help the user
The Cache really boils down to offline support, so we should just rename the label to that effect. This will also give us more coverage, since users will likely want offline support in any case.

I guess we could go one step further and set this checkbox to on by default. This would bring us one step closer to always using the cache, but still give users the possibility to turn it off.
Summary: Creating remote calendar should indicate what "cache" mean → Rename "Cache" to "Offline Support" and make it default-on in the new event dialog.
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Hi Philipp,
I completely agree with you.
Enabling cache by default is Bug 462277 that still has some depending bugs open. In addition there might be more bugs that should be evaluated:
Taking care of the label part in bug 780990. I'm leaving this open for defalult-on the cache in the new calendar dialog.

I'd like to see bug 780992 and bug 700637 fixed before fixing this one though, so removing the good-first-bug part.
Summary: Rename "Cache" to "Offline Support" and make it default-on in the new event dialog. → Make the cache checkbox default-on in the new calendar dialog
Whiteboard: [good first bug][mentor=Fallen][lang=js]
Depends on: calcache
Stefan, I think we should attempt this for Lightning 4.0. We want to move towards the cache and may get broader testing this way. What do you think?
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To speed things up, I went ahead and created a patch. I'm still open to discussion though.

This patch does go a bit further than the bug title describes and already half-fixes bug 462277: It will remove the cache checkbox from the new calendar wizard and default the cache to on.

To fix bug 462277 we would have to remove the checkbox from the calendar properties dialog too and after that gradually remove all the uncached calendar code.

I think this is a sensible step at the moment, we will get more testing and users can still disable offline support if they think its causing problems.
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Fix - v1

I did not look at the patch yet. Enabling the offline cache by default might be done to get some more testing to stabilize the feature. But just from reading bugmail it seems that currently users still experience problems when offline cache is enabled. Therefore I think that removing the option to create calendar without offline cache is no good idea. Maybe this can be done once the feature is stable.
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Ok, fair enough. So would you agree to keeping the checkbox in the dialog, but checking it by default? Aside from that, we should devise a plan to get the feature to be stable. Do you have any more issues in mind then those referenced in bug 462277?
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Ok, this patch only does default-on and correctly saves state of the checkbox between provider changes.
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Fix - v2

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Looks good to me.
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Fix - v2

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We'll need to push this soon, setting checkin-needed. ssitter, if you have comments feel free to bring them in any time!
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