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[my] incorrect rendering of Burmese AAT font loaded via @font-face


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Steps to reproduce:

We using Masterpiece Uni Sans at Mac with Firefox3

Actual results:

AAT font embed is not working at firefox 13

Expected results:

Should work AAT font embed at Firefox 13
correct version : We using Masterpiece Uni Sans at Mac with "Firefox 13"
Summary: AAT font embed rendering in Firefox 13 → [my] Burmese AAT font rendering in Firefox 13
The font will work as intended if it is installed locally on the Mac. It doesn't render correctly when downloaded using @font-face because the OTS font sanitizer does not support parsing and checking the 'morx' table needed for AAT layout, so it strips this table from the downloaded .ttf file.

You can confirm this by disabling the sanitizer (set gfx.downloadable_fonts.sanitize to false in about:config) and reloading the page. However, note that this setting may allow web pages with broken or malicious downloadable fonts to disrupt/crash the browser or even the OS, so it is not recommended for normal use.
OS: Windows 7 → Mac OS X
Summary: [my] Burmese AAT font rendering in Firefox 13 → [my] incorrect rendering of Burmese AAT font loaded via @font-face
Version: 13 Branch → Trunk
After set gfx.downloadable_fonts.sanitize to false , it's working.
Ever confirmed: true
By the way, the option to disable the sanitizer has recently been removed (in bug 833283, scheduled to be part of Firefox 21), to simplify the code and avoid the risk of security issues due to malicious/broken fonts. So it will no longer be possible to work around this issue by changing the preference.

I would strongly recommend using OpenType rather than AAT fonts with @font-face, for compatibility with a wider range of browsers and platforms. E.g. for Burmese, you could try Padauk[1] and see if this works for your needs.

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