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Need some small changes to Webapp Runtime breakpad record to make it work with socorro


(Firefox Graveyard :: Webapp Runtime, defect)

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(Reporter: jberkus, Assigned: myk)


So there's a couple of small issues with the webapp runtime breakpad output for crashes which is making it hard to report on them in Socorro.  The Socorro team needs to know if this is going to be fixable in FF 16.0, or if we'll need to implement a workaround.  

1) product is currently "Webapp Runtime".  Spaces in product names give the current Socorro UI indigestion; can you send "WebappRuntime" instead? 

2) productid field is currently missing.  We need a productid for all products to verify that they are actual mozilla builds; can you use ""?  Or, frankly, anything else as long as it's unique and we know what it is.

Thanks, let us know the feasiblity of the above!
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Version: 10 Branch → Trunk
Myk, WebRT team:

Actually, hold off on this.  This may be an issue with our code instead of yours.
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Version: Trunk → 10 Branch
GRRR.  why does bugzilla keep resetting the OS/Branch Etc?
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Hardware: x86 → All
Version: 10 Branch → Trunk
Closing this, the bug is in the Socorro code.

Nothing to see here!
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