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Iris Couch CouchDB outage


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When loading I get the following error:

> CouchDB temporarily unavailable
> This server is rebooting. It will return automatically soon.
> We have been notified of this incident.
> Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

We are currently testing 12.0->13.0.1 partial updates on betatest and the automation is hanging on submitting reports. I suspect this is the reason. We need this resolved with utmost urgency if at all possible. 

Blocks: 768576
Note, if this is not resolved by tomorrow, it will also block 14.0b10 release testing.
Discussion from #couchdb on freenode:

19:47 davehunt: anyone know the eta for we're getting a server rebooting message :/
19:55 klaemo: davehunt: same here and cuq has been complaining about it too :-/
20:01 klaemo: davehunt: and we're back! :) at least for me it works now
20:02 davehunt: yeah. it works for me, thanks klaemo
20:02 davehunt: I don't suppose you know if there's a support ticket for this issue?
20:02 dch: there is an #iriscouch channel, not sure if there were any recent updates on it. Also Jason's pretty good on da tweetz
20:04 klaemo: dch: i had no luck on both. i guess he's pretty busy or asleep depending on his timezone ;)
20:04 davehunt: thanks guys
20:04 klaemo: davehunt: no, don't know of any support ticket. it was a pretty significant outage today though. several hours for me
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Summary: CouchDB outage on → Iris Couch CouchDB outage
Thanks Dave.
01:31 JasonSmith: phenny: tell klaemo Thanks for contacting me about iriscouch issues. We suffered a hard crash of an EC2 reverse-proxy. It is resolved now and we are rolling out a DNS solution to handle front-end failures gracefully.
The long timeout issue for trying to send a report if no response happens from the server side is now bug 769203.
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