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Remove some unneeded __proto__ special-cases


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Old "optimizations" to handle __proto__ outside of fast paths don't pay their way complexity-wise.
We now pass along the receiver when delegating access to properties the array doesn't have, so things will just work without this code.

I thought for a moment that this code actually indicated the presence of a bug, if called when obj != receiver, but I think it's not actually an issue, because the only way such a case could happen is if array_lookupProperty indicated that __proto__ existed on the array in question.  But I wrote the tests before coming to that conclusion, and they seem reasonable to have, so I've left them in the patch.
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Nope, in hindsight this looks done.  The remaining special-casing happens because we reuse initprop for both normal properties in literals, and for the __proto__ special case, and that we can't really remove.  (Although we probably should have a different JSOp for the __proto__-as-key case here, but that aside.)
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