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Consider lowering OrangeFactor's default timespan of 28 days


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By default, OrangeFactor displays the last 28 days of failures.

When I'm looking through the list a few times a week, there are often transient failures listed that are no longer occurring (and are not yet marked resolved, since more time is needed before we can call them WFM) that get in the way of chasing of the top N oranges (by CC'ing devs, pinging on IRC etc).

As such, every time I use OrangeFactor, I end up reducing the date range to just the last 3/5/7 days. I'm sure the use-cases for frequent users of OrangeFactor vary and so those amounts wouldn't suit everyone - but would it be ok to at least lower the 28 days default in woo.config.js a bit - to something like 7 or 14 days perhaps?
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CCing a few people who might use OrangeFactor more than others.
I'm fine with 7 days.  Any orange which we have not seen in the past 7 days should not be a priority for anyone.
First thing I do when I load OF is change to 7 days (which is unfortunate on a slow connection, since changing at the wrong time while it's still loading breaks the reload).
Presuming no one else objects: Lowers default number of prior days displayed, from 28 to 7.
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Lower days from 28 to 7

This looks good. However, while you're at this, perhaps you can set the minTickSize flot axis option to [1, "day"]. I just realized that, when you look at 7 days' worth of data, it displays ticks in 12-hour increments. However we only display data daily, so the extra ticks are at best worthless and at worst misleading.
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Set the x-axis minTickSize for line graphs to 1 day

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Thank you for the quick reviews :-)
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