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First off, this bug is going to be filled with the debugging equivalent of a Scooby Doo mystery. But there's probably a real problem here.

I just spent a crazy amount of time trying to track down why a new KB article MarcoZ wrote up wouldn't save to the db.

I posted the article here:

That article has two differences from what MarcoZ wrote up:

1. it uses "accessibility" instead of "Accessibility" for the topic

2. MarcoZ's article was titled "How to use the TalkBack support in Firefox for Android for accessibility"

If you edit the article I managed to post, change the title to the title MarcoZ had and try to save that, it'll time out and never actually get saved to the db.

mpressman said:

<mpressman> willkg: no, but I think we discovered why, from a high level it's tripping the lock wait timeout

<mpressman> willkg: What triggers the lock wait timeout is that an insert is kicked off into wiki_document, after about 34 seconds, the exact same insert string appears, this triggers the countdown for the lock wait timeout and 50 seconds later the first query is terminated


<mpressman> there must be something else going on behind the scenes, because that insert that hangs that also get's another insert coming in after it must be waiting for other values to be filled, or that insert is dynamically built because there are constraints on fields where  null values are used

When I tried to reproduce the problem locally, I noticed that my system flips out and goes into an infinite loop of inserting Accessibility into taggit_tag. mpressman said similar things about production. mpressman said it might be a char/collation issue with the taggit_tag table or something like that.

Gut feelings:

* the Accessibility vs. accessibility topic is a bug
* the title/slug of the kb document problem was created when trying to figure out what's going on and it's some system state issue
Just putting this here so I don't lose it a second time:

That's probably got something to do with the Accessibility vs. accessibility thing. We should check to see if there's a bug in taggit about this and/or whether it's been fixed.
We got rid of tags in favor of topics and products in the kb. Marking this INCOMPLETE.
Last Resolved: 5 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
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