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(Reporter: gerv, Assigned: marcia)



I already have a CVS account, with paperwork completed etc., but am currently
honour bound only to use it for checking in to Bugzilla. This bug is to see
whether I can scrape together three super-reviewers willing to let me expand
that to the rest of Mozilla.

(And if someone could, in passing, explain the relationship between full CVS
access and the ability to give r=, that would be good too.)

sr=shaver, with glee.

(You can review anything to which you have permission to commit, which is to say
pretty much anything in the tree once you get your restriction lifted, though
you should take care to only review things about which you are comfortable with
your knowledge.)
Gerv mentioned that his voucher for his current CVS access is Tara.  While she
is a splendid guide to the wilds of webtools, it's not really reasonable to
expect her to mentor Gerv in the ways of the rest of Mozilla.  So I get that honour.


18 years ago
can you provide a list of mozilla bugs with patches that you've submitted?

that will help other super reviewers (like me) determine if you meet all the
qualifications for getting mozilla write access.
Here's the highlights. Apart from several major pieces of work on Bugzilla 
(rewriting the charting module, adding a most-frequently-reported bugs module), 
in the main Mozilla codebase we have:

Checked in:
Bug 47743 - Copy should be added to e-mail address context menu
Bug 72721 - duplicates.cgi performs poorly with lots of bugs
Bug 52154 - Make gui for view source coloring pref (was make a pref...)
Bug 28237 - remove non-compliant text/xul mimetype

Waiting for checkin:
Bug 31623 - Allow user to specify bookmarks file location

Waiting for super-review:
Bug 32358 - changes to context menu for mailtos
Bug 25071 - 'View BGImage' in context menu.

Waiting for review:
Bug 74121 - Clean up the new properties window - (this one's pretty big)
Bug 77819 - "My Sidebar" should be "Sidebar"

Nearly cooked:
Bug 77207 - The future of View | Translate
Bug 28899 - We need a CSS-compliant Font prefs panel

My work on Bugzilla and proves I'm competent with CVS. I've 
watched the brown bag series and can read and understand, if not yet write 
significant chunks of, core Mozilla code.

I expect to continue focussing on XPFE and UI improvements.

I've reviewed some of Gerv's code, and have found it to be of good quality. 
Gerv is also knowledgeable about mozilla practice, and I can only endorse his 

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17 years ago
account activated. 
Last Resolved: 17 years ago
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Wahey! <parties> 

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