Mozillians emails have no spaces in unsubscribe blurb at the bottom



6 years ago
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6 years ago
(No idea where this bug belongs, but I'm picking "Websites | Other" as the closest match that I can think of, since this is Mozillians-related and Mozillians is a newish Mozilla web property.)

In the plaintext view of the Mozillians emails that have been sent out, there are missing spaces between the sentences in the "Unsubscribe" blurb at the bottom.

That chunk of the email looks like this:
> You're receiving this email because you're a registered
> Mozillian.We'll send you timely and occasional organizational
> news and updates - meant just for Mozillians.If you do not
> wish to receive these updates, please unsubscribe here.

(Note the missing spaces between each period & the next word)

Interestingly, this doesn't affect all Mozillians emails -- it's affected about half of the mozillians emails I've received, including the most recent one regarding "Bringing social to Firefox".

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6 years ago
Hoping that gerv knows who might be the right person to address this. :) (or perhaps he is that person)
Apparently it's now Community Tools/Phonebook.

Component: Other → Phonebook
Product: Websites → Community Tools
Version: unspecified → other


6 years ago
OS: Linux → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
Jess, the plaintext view of the Mozillians emails had some spaces missing in the unsubscribe email. Can you please take a look and mark this resolved? I think it might already be fixed. Thanks!
Component: Phonebook → Email
Product: Community Tools → Marketing
Version: other → unspecified

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a year ago
This should be fixed. Please reopen and let me know if not.

Last Resolved: a year ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

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a year ago
I haven't received one of these emails in ages (perhaps because I unsubscribed, or perhaps because they just haven't gone out in a while).

The most recent ones I can find are from 2013 (4 emails) and they all have correct spacing in their plaintext view. So I think this is likely-fixed, yup. Thanks!

For reference, here are the last two *broken* emails that I can find [where "broken" = messages that contain "Mozillian.We'll" in the blurb at the end, lacking a space]:
 - "Inaugural Fireside Chat - Message to Mozillians", sent on 2012-12-26
 - "ITU Meets in Dubai this week to discuss Internet Governance", sent on 2012-12-03

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a year ago
Thanks, Daniel!

If you want to get back on the Mozillians emails, please reach out to Pierros (cc'ed on this bug) and he can help you.
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