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Steps to reproduce:

Firefox Beta (29-06-2012) on Galaxy SII

Open a bookmarked url using a shortcut on the home screen multiple times.

Actual results:

FF creates multiple tabs for the same url.

Expected results:

There should be only one tab, which should be reloaded each time.

Opening a new tab for a url already loaded in an existing tab is not the right thing to do on a resource constrained device; all it does is force the user to keep manually closing tabs. I have a number of saved shortcuts on the Home screen for fast access to services I use all the time, and this behaviour very quickly becomes tiresome enough to consider reverting back to the Android browser as the default html handler, even though FF is otherwise a much better browser.

Comment 1

6 years ago
Sounds like we want some UX input here, but I broadly agree - Cc'ing madhava for UX comment and mfinkle as I guess this may involve the session store(?)
No session store needed here. We would just scan the open tabs for the given URL,and if we find the same URL we would simply make that tab selected. Otherwise, we would open a new tab.

I am fine with this change for opening bookmarks shortcuts from the homescreen. Madhava?
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