system hanged when start a video



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6 years ago
Steps to reproduce:

01. installed 2012-07-07 12:41:16 (changeset starts with 5803383889d654) build on Nexus S device 
02. installed media-samples 
03. select and play a video

I have followed above mentioned steps for two times and got following different results in all three times.

Actual Result: 

01: No display but heard the sound + System hanged 
removed the battery and rebooted the phone

02: nested windows appeared then system hanged
removed the battery and rebooted the phone

Do not contact me on further testing on same issue as I do not have the device for ever. :)

(I have tested this during the Mozilla Berlin Camp 2012 and i do not have this device any more.)
I can expand on this bug report.  The actual result 02 is that the home screen comes back at half the size, down in the bottom left corner.  If I let the screen fall asleep, the normal sized screen is back on wake and I can unlock and have the regular sized home screen again.
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