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Multiple access keys used in preferences dialog for ca locale


(Mozilla Localizations :: ca / Catalan, defect)

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Our Mozmill l10n tests have been shown that there are some access keys which are used multiple times in the same scope. The full list of those keys you can find here:


 accessKey: "a" found in: button#useBookmark, radio#alwaysAsk
accessKey: "f" found in: checkbox#rememberForms, label#keepUntil
accessKey: "d" found in: checkbox#blockAutoRefresh, button#setDefaultButton
accessKey: "r" found in: checkbox#searchStartTyping, checkbox#submitTelemetryBox
accessKey: "n" found in: button#clearCacheButton, button#clearOfflineAppCacheButton
accessKey: "a" found in: radio[label=Instal·la les actualitzacions automàticament (és l'opció recomanada per seguretat)], checkbox#warnIncompatible
Assignee: toniher → egamonal
it should work now but I couldn't run the test myself.
Don't worry about the testing part. You can always find the results a couple minutes after the checkin on the following page:

As it can be seen for the ca results there is still one issue left:

accessKey: "a" found in: button#useBookmark, radio#alwaysAsk
uhms, that's confusing.

according to it's fixed in aurora 20.0a2. the test failed on January 6 for firefox 19.0a2. 

it was also fixed in Beta files: line 73.

diff lines 80:81

I just downloaded firefox beta 19.0. I can't see the changes in the binary.
in Preferences > Advanced > Updates (Actualització) both the first radio button and the first child checkbox have accesskey A. The file with those strings and accesskeys defines i as accesskey for the first radio button. 

maybe my changes weren't submitted in time? in any case, I can't see why it only finds an error with A instead of all the others. I changed all the accesskeys in a single transaction to fix this bug.
I would say please re-check whenever you check-in something next in the aurora repository. All the changes you have made should be taken care of in the above mentioned testrun.
Cleaning up old bugs. The access keys are fixed now (checked in Firefox 26)
Closed: 6 years ago
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It is indeed. Thank you Jordi.
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