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Remove mk, ta-LK, si, vi, pt-BR from calendar all-locales


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Lightning 1.5
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Hello Folks,

since there have been quite a few Lightning releases without mentioned locales, I would like to remove some of them to free up build capacity.

I have tried to put at least one person from each team on CC and will leave this bug open for a few days in case there are comments. When this period is up, I will remove the locales from our all-locales file on comm-central and comm-aurora, which will merge to beta next week. If you missed commenting and would like to rejoin, please let me know and I'll add it back. In that case you owe me at least one translated release though ;-)
Hey Phillipp,

Our Calendar localizer for pt-BR left our community. While we are interested in keep pt-BR Calendar locale, we are still organizing our structure so we can embrace this product.

Right now you can remove pt-BR locale, and as soon as we can deliver calendar locales I'll contact you again, hopefully soon ;-)
Hi Phillip,

Calendar/Lightning l10 for Georgian is ready

i hope it'll be available in the nearest future.
As for now up to You.
Thanks for the update. I'm watching the bug you mentioned and will not remove ka. Once you've solved the commit problems and the locale is green, don't forget to sign-off on the dashboards:
Summary: Remove mk, ka, ta-LK, si, vi, pt-BR from calendar all-locales → Remove mk, ta-LK, si, vi, pt-BR from calendar all-locales
Assignee: nobody → ewong
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Remove mk, ta-LK, si, vi, pt-BR from calendar all-locales.(v1)

r=philipp and approval for aurora. There is no need on beta since the beta builds are manual anyway.
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