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Steps to reproduce:

I use prefixfree.js as a browser fallback for css3 selectors. The latest release of firefox disables some CSS3 properties such as box-shadows. I have a working example here: You will see the box-shadows on some elements, then they disappear. All prefix free does is make it so someone doesnt have to type -moz- or -webkit- prefixes on css3 selectors, and I know this worked on all other versions of firefox. Why would this be conflicting now? I can disable prefixfree.js and type in the moz selectors, but then I have to do it for all other css3 selectors for other browsers, even though the javascript is working correctly for those browsers. Please - any help (other than saying to go talk to the developers of prefixfree, because it works with all other browsers) would be greatly appreciated.

Actual results:

Box shadows and other css3 selections being disabled

Expected results:

This works on all other browsers and previous versions of Firefox.

Comment 1

7 years ago
Also, if prefix free is enabled, even if you type in -moz- prefix on the selector, it will still disable the effect. This is significantly affecting designs.

Comment 2

7 years ago
As of Firefox 13, -moz- prefix is no longer supported on box-shadow and border-radius. Unless the unprefixed version is also used, the effect won't be applied.

"Support for -moz-border-radius* and -moz-box-shadow has been removed. Authors should use unprefixed border-radius or box-shadow instead. See bug 693510"

Comment 3

7 years ago
Ah. See I put it in with out the -moz- normally when using prefixfree since prefixfree detects your browser and adds them for you. I will have to notify that team.


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