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Topic: Intern Presentations
Presenter: Summer 2012 Interns
Date: 2012-07-26
Time: 2:00PM UTC-8
Duration: 2 hours
Audience: Public
Air Mozilla: Yes
Dial-in: Yes
Archive: Yes
Member of IT to help with A/V: Yes
Description: Come see our interns give presentations about what they've been working on all summer!
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Andrea has no manager listed in the phonebook, I'm passing this to Jim Cook for SC review.

Please review the contents of this bug and decide if this event may be streamed publicly on Air Mozilla.
PR please add "PR+" to the whiteboard field to indicate approval.
Steering Committee members please add "SC+" to the whiteboard field to indicate approval.
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6 years ago
My manager is Jill Alvarez, who should be listed in the CC List of this bug.

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Thanks Andrea... so I added Debbie for the SC review.
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Removed review request for Jim.
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6 years ago
Hi Richard,

We are going to be requesting to book 10fwd on several occasions for these intern presentations (there are about 60 interns, and our requested dates and times are below). Is there a better way to request 10fwd for all these dates than to do it one by one, given that the description will be the same? I imagine all the reviewing will get a bit tedious for the mgrs. Let me know if this would be better thru email. Thanks!  -Andrea

7/26 @2pm-4pm
8/2 @2pm-4pm 
8/3 @2pm-4pm
8/9 @2pm-4pm
8/10 @2pm-4pm
8/15 @2pm-4pm
8/16 @11am-12pm
8/17 @2pm-4pm
8/23 @11am-12pm
8/30 @11am-12pm
8/31 @2pm-4pm
9/13 @2pm-4pm
9/14 @2pm-4pm
9/20 @11am-12pm
10/18 @2pm-4pm
11/8 @2pm-4pm

There's been a policy change and Steering Committee approval is no longer required.

PR approval is still required however.

Please file these as individual bugs using the brownbag form because our scheduling system is driven by bugzilla searches.
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Thanks for filings all the brownbag requests!   

Any chance we can get the interns to add comments to those bugs telling us who they are and what they're working on?  17 identical Air Mozilla program entries that just say "Intern Brownbag" isn't going to inspire much of an audience.
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6 years ago
Hi Richard,

Absolutely. We're just now having them sign up for their presentations, so we'll definitely have them do that as they sign up. Sorry to bombard your guys' inboxes with all of these!

Thanks so much! :)
Event has been added to the brownbag calendar.

AV setup and assistance will be provided during brownbag.
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6 years ago
Hi all, so sorry to have to do this. We are going to have to cancel this instance of presentations. We're cancelling this date only, the rest are still on. Is there a way to do this myself?

Andrea.  No problem.  It's cancelled.
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5 years ago
Can you please remove debbie from this? I thought I had but she is still getting updates.....
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