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Previous conversations sometimes not displayed


(Thunderbird :: Instant Messaging, defect)

Not set


(thunderbird15 fixed, thunderbird16 fixed)

Thunderbird 17.0
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thunderbird15 --- fixed
thunderbird16 --- fixed


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I've debugged a few cases where the "Daily currently doesn't have any previous conversations stored for this contact." panel was displayed instead of an existing previous conversation.

It happened when selecting a contact with a previous conversation, then a contact without previous conversation, then selecting the contact with a previous conversation again. This is because in my patch for bug 754914 I prevented redisplaying a previous conversation if it was already displayed in the browser, but I forgot to still ensure the log panel is visible.

The same thing can happen for the "Search result" item: the log panel isn't always shown correctly when reselecting that item.

And a last case causing a similar problem: closing the "search result" conversation, which actually just hides it. This attempts to select another conversation, but the mousedown event handler of listbox.xml immediately reselects it even though it is hidden, so when displaying it again the 'select' event isn't fired, as the item is already selected.
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Looks good - and I can confirm that this fixes the bug.
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Yeah, I really think we want to have this on aurora/beta.
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