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Change thumbnail sizing to 180x270


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As per the new mobile designs, the maximum dimensions for app thumbnails are 180x270. We'll need to start proportionally scaling the thumbnails to that size.

Additionally, when this change goes into effect, we will need to re-process all the existing screenshots for apps to meet this requirement.
If we haven't yet merged the gaia-ui branch when this work is completed, it should be landed there instead of master.
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Maria, can we confirm this is the correct size we want for mobile?
(In reply to Chris Van Wiemeersch [:cvan] from comment #2)
> Maria, can we confirm this is the correct size we want for mobile?

Yes - in fact I'm pretty sure that Potch's original comment came from me confirming this in IRC or an email.
Awesome. And for Desktop, same size restriction? Or did we want something proportional?
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This seems like an awesome Basta bug.
We should really do this before we go public so we don't get stuck with a bunch of blurry screenshots such as this one for Twitter:
Target Milestone: --- → 2012-10-11
This isn't much of a change, but it serves the purpose that cvan and I discussed offline:

We're not going to change the proportions of the image, because that's an irreversible change. Instead, potch can vertically center the images on the front-end. They should never end up being wider than 180 or taller than 270, though, so they'll always fit nicely. 

There's also no migration here. On the front-end, we can probably say (safely) `max-width: 180px; max-height: 270px;` and it'll do what we expect. We should send an email to developers saying that they should upload new screenshots that meet the dimensions.
Let's make screenshot minimum sizes be 320x480 now.
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Closed: 10 years ago
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Verified as fixed in on FF20 (Win 7)
Postfix screencast
Closing bug.
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