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Steps to reproduce:

This bug has been in since the very first version of Firefox. I cannot believe it has not been fixed yet.

Here's the issue : On many forums, if you have a tab open showing a thread, close firefox, re-open firefox, and try to reply to the will not work.

Actual results:

Error message : Your submission could not be processed because the token has expired. Please reload the window.

Refreshing the tab with f5 will not fix the problem. The only way to fix it is to use ctrl + f5, which gets seriously annoying after a while. This does not happen for all forums btw...but i can confirm it happens for Most forums seem to be affected.

I've talked to people using other browsers like chrome, and it never happens for it must be an issue with firefox and some forum types/software.

Expected results:

What should have happened is that i can reply to the thread without using ctrl+f5.
Can you please post a step by step instruction  how someone like me can reproduce the issue.

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7 years ago
Well first you need to find a forum where this happens...such as

Open a thread in a tab.

Close firefox.

Reopen firefox.

Go to the tab you just opened, and try to reply to the thread. The forum will tell you "Your submission could not be processed because the token has expired. Please reload the window."

Only way to post in that thread is to use CTRL+F5 to refresh the tab first.

I confirmed this was still happening before the latest version...although i'm not sure if it's still happening in the last one since i just patched.
I can't reproduce this with Firefox 14.0.1. I registered on and followed your instructions.

Can you please try it with setting options/advanced/network/settings to "no proxy" ?


7 years ago
Component: Untriaged → Networking: Cache
Product: Firefox → Core

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7 years ago
After some more testing, i think i've found a reliable way to reproduce this.

Open a thread in a tab. Come back a few hours later, to that same tab, and then try to reply to that thread. You should get a message saying "your submission could not be processed blah blah blah".

I was able to reproduce this multiple times today.
Can you please check this with a different browser. I can't believe that this is a Gecko issue. This look rather like a bug in the page.

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6 years ago
I dont have another browser...but ive had people tell me before they never get the problem on chrome or opera.
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