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file watcher auto-remove/add followup


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This is the followup for the linux portion of bug 759416 in which karlt brought up the idea that watches should be automatically removed when files are moved around.  To quote the discussion from that bug:
> > I assume watchers should be removed for IN_MOVE_SELF events.
> I'm tempted to leave this as an open question for two reasons: one, this
> needs to be done ASAP, and two, there are a lot of cases to think about.  If
> the file is a directory, and it's the top level being watched, and all
> that's happening is it is being renamed, should it stop being watched?  On
> the other hand, if ~/Music/iTunes is being moved to to /tmp/garbage,
> unwatching it is probable desirable.
> Now, removing on IN_MOVE_FROM events makes sense, to me, at least.  And
> adding for IN_MOVE_TO.  However, if it's a file that gets moved out, it is
> hard to know whether that file is itself being watched, and whether it,
> therefore, needs to have its watch removed.  So, i'd support removing
> watches from directories that leave a watched directory, but other than
> that, I think other edge cases are going to require more time and thought.

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Followup for some work that didn't end up being shipped.

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