[PP]Mozilla M6/Mac crash while visiting smartupdate page



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19 years ago
13 years ago


(Reporter: Ben Mesander, Assigned: gordon)



Mac System 8.6

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19 years ago
Mozilla M6/Mac crashes while visiting "smart update" page. Attached is
macsbug output. To reproduce:

Choose Bookmarks->Computers and Internet->SmartUpdate from menu. Crash
location appears to be: XPTC_InvokeByIndex+0010C

Comment 1

19 years ago
Created attachment 349 [details]
macsbug stdlog output of crash


19 years ago
Assignee: don → dveditz
Component: Apprunner → XPInstall
QA Contact: leger → jimmylee

Comment 2

19 years ago
jimmylee, check this out please.  Is this implemented yet?


19 years ago
Summary: Mozilla M6/Mac crash while visiting smartupdate page → [PP]Mozilla M6/Mac crash while visiting smartupdate page

Comment 3

19 years ago
works ok on Win95 with June 07 build.  Putting on [PP] list


19 years ago
Assignee: dveditz → fur

Comment 4

19 years ago
Looks like a liveconnect bug.  Assigning to fur.


19 years ago
Assignee: fur → jband

Comment 5

19 years ago
Hello ? LiveConnect is not the same as XPConnect.  Reassigning to jband.


19 years ago
Assignee: jband → dougt

Comment 6

19 years ago
I'm have doubts about the trace. ServiceImpl::GetDataSource does not call
XPTC_InvokeByIndex directly. Can anyone more familiar with PPC traces shed any
light? Is this bug still happenning?

I assume that dougt suggested Liveconnect becasue JavaPackage_resolve was near
the bottom of the stack.

I have no idea how it got to XPTC_InvokeByIndex, but the user was trying to do
smartupdate and that was going into liveconnect code.

So doug, what is *supposed* to happen if users try to run old SmartUpdate

Comment 7

19 years ago
4.5 Smartupdate triggers should act like any other undefined javascript in 5.0.

I am not sure that this is a xpconnect problem that that I think about it.
The javascript that they are serving may not be totally implemented on our side.
 For example the navigator.javaEnabled() may be being called and it may be
returning garbage.

Dan, who on the website team can we ask about what they are serving to
unknown/5.0 clients?  This will clue us into what call is really crashing us./
The SmartUpdate page should send 5.0 users to the "Sorry" page, since there are
no packages that will work for it yet. Assuming it checks the userAgent for
Mozilla >= 4.0 we probably got the Communicator 4.0 SmartUpdate page.

It shouldn't crash us, of course. First it checks navigator.javaEnabled() and
then it will try to make a bunch of calls to classes in the netscape.softupdate
package -- which won't exist in 5.0

Does 5.0 "know" netscape.foo is LiveConnect, or will it try XPConnect
also? Either way it should not find the class and error gracefully.

And why only on the Mac?

Comment 9

19 years ago
Could this be related to bug #7018, in which a crash occurs if an attempt is
made to access LiveConnect, but OJI/Java was not able to initialize ?
At a superficial level this sounds like the 7018 scenario, but I'm concerned
that the stack trace appears totally different (i.e. this one is in XPTC and
the other was clearly in jseng code).  Also 7018 sounds XP while this one
doesn't happen on Windows.

Comment 11

19 years ago
cc-ing OJI folks.
Appears fixed now.
Last Resolved: 19 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME


19 years ago

Comment 13

19 years ago
Build 7/22/99

I'm crashing immediately when this site begins to load.  The Macsbug log is at


19 years ago
Assignee: dougt → chofmann

Comment 14

19 years ago
this is *not* a xpinstall bug as far as I can tell.  I am going to assign to
chris to find an owner.


19 years ago
Resolution: WORKSFORME → ---

Comment 15

19 years ago
Clearing WorksForMe resolution due to reopen.


19 years ago
Assignee: chofmann → gordon

Comment 16

19 years ago
looks like appshell or netlib.  danm? gordon?

  MacsBug 6.5.4a6, Copyright Apple Computer, Inc. 1981-98

PowerPC unmapped memory exception at 0BA29BA4 PR_Close+0001C

  22-Jul-1999 3:34:17 PM (since boot = 9 minutes)
  Current application is ³apprunner²
  Machine = 69 (PowerMac8500), System $0850, sysu = $01008000
  ROM version $077D, $28F2, $0001 (ROMBase $FFC00000)
  VM is on; paging is currently safe
  NIL^ = $FFC10000
  Stack space used = +65929922
 Address 0BA29BA4 is in VM file-mapped logical memory space
 It is in the CFM fragment ³NSPR20² at 0BA0D000
 It is 0001CBA4 bytes from the start of the fragment
  and 00018DE4 bytes into a non-writeable code section at 0BA10DC0
 PowerPC 604 Registers
                         CR0  CR1  CR2  CR3  CR4  CR5  CR6  CR7
  PC  = 0BA29BA4     CR  0100 1100 0000 0000 0000 1000 0100 0010
  LR  = 0B9B1D3C         <>=O XEVO
  CTR = 0BA29B88
  MSR = 00000000         SOC Compare Count
  Int = 0            XER 001   00     00                     MQ  = 03181B80

  R0  = 0B9B1D3C     R8  = 02F5A580      R16 = 02F5B988      R24 = 00000000
  SP  = 03AEF820     R9  = 00000001      R17 = 03AEFFF8      R25 = 00000001
  TOC = 02F2BD60     R10 = 02F5A584      R18 = 000001F4      R26 = 03AEF904
  R3  = 0072006F     R11 = 00000000      R19 = 02F5B968      R27 = 02F5A560
  R4  = 7B6F7B6F     R12 = 02F2D19C      R20 = 02F5B928      R28 = 02F59BCC
  R5  = 02F5A58C     R13 = 00000000      R21 = 02F5B8E8      R29 = 02F59C78
  R6  = 02F5A588     R14 = 00000000      R22 = 02F5B9A8      R30 = 032E33B4
  R7  = 02F5A8A0     R15 = 00000000      R23 = 00000000      R31 = 0072006F
 Disassembling PowerPC code from 0BA29B7C
     +00000 0BA29B7C   lwz        r4,0x0000(r3)                           |
     +00004 0BA29B80   lwz        r3,0x0000(r4)                           |
     +00008 0BA29B84   blr                                                |
     +00000 0BA29B88   mflr       r0                         ; LR = 0x0008 |
     +00004 0BA29B8C   stw        r31,-0x0004(SP)                         |
     +00008 0BA29B90   stw        r0,0x0008(SP)                           |
     +0000C 0BA29B94   stwu       SP,-0x0040(SP)                          |
     +00010 0BA29B98   mr         r31,r3                                  |
     +00014 0BA29B9C   mr         r3,r31                                  |
     +00018 0BA29BA0   lwz        r4,0x0000(r31)                          |
     +0001C 0BA29BA4  *lwz        r12,0x0004(r4)                          |
     +00020 0BA29BA8   bl         $+0xEB58                   ; 0x0BA38700 |
     +00024 0BA29BAC   lwz        RTOC,0x0014(SP)                         |
     +00028 0BA29BB0   lwz        r0,0x0048(SP)                           |
     +0002C 0BA29BB4   addi       SP,SP,0x0040                            |
     +00030 0BA29BB8   mtlr       r0                         ; LR = 0x0008 |
     +00034 0BA29BBC   lwz        r31,-0x0004(SP)                         |
     +00038 0BA29BC0   blr                                                |
 Heap zones
  #1  Mod        6850K  00002800 to 006B32AF  SysZone^
  #2  Mod           6K    0000C1E0 to 0000DD7F  ROM read-only zone
  #3  Mod       56225K  006B32B0 to 03D9BA9F  Process Manager zone
  #4  Mod       11801K    02F1DBB0 to 03AA42AF  ³apprunner²  ApplZone^  TheZone^
  #5  Mod         187K    03B1FA70 to 03B4E81F  ³File Sharing Extension²
  #6  Mod          18K    03B59D10 to 03B5E5CF
  #7  Mod         942K    03B74A90 to 03C6058F  ³Finder²
  #8  Mod          83K    03C74E20 to 03C89D1F  ³Time Synchronizer²
  #9  Mod         361K    03C985B0 to 03CF2CAF  ³Folder Actions²
  #10 Mod          89K    03D43860 to 03D59F5F  ³Control Strip Extension²
  #11 Mod        2047K  04100000 to 042FFFDF
  #12 Mod         216K    04161370 to 0419736F
  #13 Mod          27K    041FB450 to 0420217F
Checking all heaps
 The System heap at 00002800 is ok
 The ROM read-only heap at 0000C1E0 is ok
 The Process Manager heap at 006B32B0 is ok
 The ³apprunner² heap at 02F1DBB0 is ok
 The ³File Sharing Extension² heap at 03B1FA70 is ok
 The heap at 03B59D10 is ok
 The ³Finder² heap at 03B74A90 is ok
 The ³Time Synchronizer² heap at 03C74E20 is ok
 The ³Folder Actions² heap at 03C985B0 is ok
 The ³Control Strip Extension² heap at 03D43860 is ok
 Totaling the ³apprunner² heap at 02F1DBB0
                                 Total Blocks    Total of Block Sizes
  Free                           0079     #121   002C8A90     #2919056
  Nonrelocatable                 00AC     #172   008066EC     #8414956
  Relocatable                    01AB     #427   000B7540      #750912
    Locked                       0005       #5   000A82C0      #688832
    Purgeable and not locked     0000       #0   00000000           #0
  Heap size                      02D0     #720   00B866BC    #12084924
 The target heap is the System heap at 00002800
 Totaling the System heap at 00002800
                                 Total Blocks    Total of Block Sizes
  Free                           0020      #32   00001560        #5472
  Nonrelocatable                 0862    #2146   0035B29C     #3519132
  Relocatable                    0788    #1928   00354270     #3490416
    Locked                       018D     #397   0028F3E0     #2683872
    Purgeable and not locked     0052      #82   0001DCC0      #122048
  Heap size                      100A    #4106   006B0A6C     #7015020
 The target heap is the ³apprunner² heap at 02F1DBB0
 Displaying File Control Blocks
  fRef File                   Vol         Type Fl Fork     LEof
  0002 System                 Webbies     zsys dW rsrc #6124761
  0060                        Webbies     €€€€ dw data #1032192
  00BE                        Webbies     €€€€ dw data #6193152
  011C VM Storage             Webbies     ZSYS dW data #70254592
  017A System Resources       Webbies     zsyr dw rsrc  #727502
  0BC2 System                 Webbies     zsys dw data #4072175
  0C20 Open Tpt AppleTalk LiŠ Webbies     libr dw rsrc  #502792
  0C7E Open Transport Library Webbies     libr dw rsrc  #524771
  0CDC OpenTransportLib       Webbies     otsl dw data  #501392
  0D3A Shared Library ManageŠ Webbies     INIT dw rsrc  #211694
  0D98 Open Transport Library Webbies     libr dw rsrc  #524771
  0DF6 Open Tpt AppleTalk LiŠ Webbies     libr dw rsrc  #502792
  0E54 Open Tpt Internet LibŠ Webbies     libr dw rsrc  #461056
  0EB2 OpenTpt Remote Access  Webbies     libr dw rsrc #1083183
  0F10 OpenTptAppleTalkLib    Webbies     otsl dw data   #48738
  0F6E OpenTpt Modem          Webbies     libr dw rsrc   #91506
  0FCC OpenTpt Remote Access  Webbies     libr dw rsrc #1083183
  102A Remote Access Log      Webbies     lzlg dW data  #129024
  1088 Open Transport Library Webbies     libr dw rsrc  #524771
  10E6 Serial (Built-in)      Webbies     libr dw rsrc   #63254
  1144 OpenTpt Serial ArbitrŠ Webbies     libr dw rsrc    #7974
  11A2 OpenTpt Serial ArbitrŠ Webbies     libr dw rsrc    #7974
  1200 Users & Groups Data FŠ Webbies     BTFL dW data  #129024
  125E Apple Guide            Webbies     INIT dw data  #417352
  12BC ColorSync Extension    Webbies     appe dw data  #301152
  131A Contextual Menu ExtenŠ Webbies     INIT dw data   #66663
  1378 SOMobjects� for Mac OS Webbies     shlb dw data  #129152
  13D6 QuickTime�             Webbies     INIT dw data  #369846
  1434 Sound Manager          Webbies     INIT dw data   #15008
  1492 Speech Manager         Webbies     INIT dw data    #4000
  14F0 apprunner              Webbies     APPL dW rsrc   #40902
  154E Control Strip ExtensiŠ Webbies     appe dW rsrc   #67084
  15AC Find CM Items          Webbies     cmpi dw data   #21987
  160A Control Strip ExtensiŠ Webbies     appe dw data    #3160
  1668 Folder Actions         Webbies     appe dW rsrc    #4877
  16C6 Time Synchronizer      Webbies     appe dW rsrc    #6319
  1724 Finder                 Webbies     FNDR dw rsrc  #638602
  1782 Finder                 Webbies     FNDR dw data #1870234
  17E0 Color Picker           Webbies     INIT dw data    #6400
  183E File Sharing Library   Webbies     shlb dw data   #91214
  189C File Sharing Library   Webbies     shlb dw rsrc    #3190
  18FA Finder Preferences     Webbies     pref dW rsrc     #714
  1958 Desktop DB             Webbies     BTFL dW data  #516096
  19B6 Desktop DF             Webbies     DTFL dW data #2446802
  1A14 Time Synchronizer      Webbies     appe dw data   #37169
  1A72 OpenTptInternetLib     Webbies     otsl dw data  #257182
  1AD0 PrintingLib            Webbies     shlb dw data #1103024
  1B2E Folder Actions         Webbies     appe dw data   #17331
  1B8C File Sharing Extension Webbies     INIT dW rsrc  #194076
  1BEA AppleScriptLib         Webbies     shlb dw data   #22636
  1C48 Users & Groups Data FŠ Webbies     BTFL dW data  #129024
  1CA6 Folder Actions Menus   Webbies     cmpi dw data   #10205
  1D04 apprunner              Webbies     APPL dw data   #12797
  1D62 AppleTalk Switch       Webbies     sdev dw data    #5066
  1DC0 File Sharing Strip     Webbies     sdev dw data    #8634
  1E1E File Sharing Library   Webbies     shlb dw rsrc    #3190
  1E7C Monitor BitDepth       Webbies     sdev dw data    #4794
  1EDA Monitor Resolution     Webbies     sdev dw data    #9750
  1F38 Sound Volume           Webbies     sdev dw data    #4154
  1F96 Video Mirroring        Webbies     sdev dw data    #4426
  1FF4 Web Sharing CS         Webbies     sdev dw data   #21334
  2052 AppleShare PDS         Webbies     BTFL dW data  #387072
  20B0 NSRuntime.shlb         Webbies     shlb dw data   #15350
  210E NSStdLib.shlb          Webbies     shlb dw data  #284234
  216C NSPR20.shlb            Webbies     shlb dw data  #200305
  21CA NetworkModular.shlb    Webbies     shlb dw data  #573211
  2228 JavaScript.shlb        Webbies     shlb dw data  #382998
  2286 libpref.shlb           Webbies     shlb dw data   #56026
  22E4 xpcom.shlb             Webbies     shlb dw data  #464134
  2342 libreg.shlb            Webbies     shlb dw data   #35967
  23A0 zlib.shlb              Webbies     shlb dw data   #42061
  23FE libimg.shlb            Webbies     shlb dw data   #52563
  245C libutil.shlb           Webbies     shlb dw data    #2918
  24BA Component Registry     Webbies     €€€€ dW data  #335119
  2518 profile.shlb           Webbies     shlb dw data   #23421
  2576 AppShell.shlb          Webbies     shlb dw data  #151162
  25D4 dom.shlb               Webbies     shlb dw data  #705762
  2632 oji.shlb               Webbies     shlb dw data   #79071
  2690 LiveConnect.shlb       Webbies     shlb dw data   #93706
  26EE chardet.shlb           Webbies     shlb dw data   #53380
  274C Text Encoding ConvertŠ Webbies     shlb dw data  #155168
  27AA widget.shlb            Webbies     shlb dw data  #237665
  2808 gfx.shlb               Webbies     shlb dw data  #141590
  2866 QuickTime� PowerPlug   Webbies     INIT dw data  #219681
  28C4 Chinese Encodings      Webbies     ecpg dw data   #14872
  2922 Japanese Encodings     Webbies     ecpg dw data   #14952
  2980 Korean Encodings       Webbies     ecpg dw data   #10488
  29DE Unicode Encodings      Webbies     ecpg dw data   #16872
  2A3C WASTELib               Webbies     shlb dw data  #117737
  2A9A htmlparser.shlb        Webbies     shlb dw data  #394481
  2AF8 widget.shlb            Webbies     shlb dw rsrc     #891
  2B56 xpinstall.shlb         Webbies     shlb dw data  #179430
  2BB4 ChomeRegistry.shlb     Webbies     shlb dw data   #17089
  2C12 mailnews.shlb          Webbies     shlb dw data  #244254
  2C70 RDFLibrary.shlb        Webbies     shlb dw data  #613480
  2CCE webshell.shlb          Webbies     shlb dw data   #88029
  2D2C plugin.shlb            Webbies     shlb dw data   #75388
  2D8A layout.shlb            Webbies     shlb dw data #3266872
  2DE8 uconv.shlb             Webbies     shlb dw data   #39847
  2E46 unicharutil.shlb       Webbies     shlb dw data   #13179
  2EA4 ucvlatin.shlb          Webbies     shlb dw data  #137644
  2F02 XPConnect.shlb         Webbies     shlb dw data  #118219
  2F60 AppCores.shlb          Webbies     shlb dw data  #110451
  2FBE nslocale.shlb          Webbies     shlb dw data   #34720
  301C view.shlb              Webbies     shlb dw data   #69897
  307A Bookmarks.shlb         Webbies     shlb dw data   #55772
  30D8 history.shlb           Webbies     shlb dw data   #27840
  3136 animthrob.gif          Webbies     GIFf dw data   #51488
  3194 lwbrk.shlb             Webbies     shlb dw data   #15968
  31F2 jpgdecoder.shlb        Webbies     shlb dw data   #11486
  3250 JPEG.shlb              Webbies     shlb dw data   #59697
  32AE animthrob.gif          Webbies     GIFf dw data   #51488
  330C animthrob.gif          Webbies     GIFf dw data   #51488
  336A StdLog                 Webbies     TEXT dW data   #12891
  35FC Wallet.shlb            Webbies     shlb dw data  #101622
  36B8 gifdecoder.shlb        Webbies     shlb dw data   #14535
  #189 FCBs, #143 in use (including #27 fonts not listed), #46 free
 Displaying Driver Control Entries
  No drivers are busy.
 Displaying resource information:
      Map $02F5E13C, flags $0000, file $2AF8 = widget.shlb
  >   Map $02F1DD38, flags $0000, file $14F0 = apprunner
   +  Map $00003290, flags $801A, file $0003 = €ROM resources that override
    S Map $00003374, flags $200D, file $0002 = System
      Map $00003210, flags $0014, file $017A = System Resources
      [Skipped $001B maps belonging to font files]
 Calling chain using A6/R1 links
  Back chain  ISA  Caller
  00000000    PPC  0BA8A210
  03AF0100    PPC  0BA895A0  main+00CF0
  03AEFF00    PPC  0B807704  nsAppShellService::Run()+00018
  03AEFEC0    PPC  0AFBECF8  nsAppShell::Run()+00038
  03AEFE40    PPC  0AFBF598  nsMacMessagePump::DoMessagePump()+0003C
  03AEFDF0    PPC  0AFBF850  nsMacMessagePump::DispatchEvent(int,
  03AEFDA0    PPC  0B9D4BCC  Repeater::DoRepeaters(const EventRecord&)+00030
  03AEFD60    PPC  0B9D46EC  TimerPeriodical::RepeatAction(const
  03AEFD10    PPC  0B9D4248  TimerImpl::Fire()+00024
  03AEFCD0    PPC  0B9B93FC  nsNetlibService::NetPollSocketsCallback(nsITimer*,
  03AEFC90    PPC  0B998F0C  NET_PollSockets+0002C
  03AEFC40    PPC  0B994840  NET_ProcessNet+003C4
  03AEF8B0    PPC  0B9B1D38  net_ProcessHTTP+00260
 Return addresses on the stack
  Stack Addr  Frame Addr   ISA   Caller
   03AEFC1C                68K   0338230E
   03AEFC18                PPC   FFD4D8FC SetPort+0001C
   03AEFBF8                PPC   0B8E2694 nsVoidArray::~nsVoidArray()+00044
   03AEFBE8                PPC   0B3CF188
   03AEFBD8                PPC   0BA755E0 operator delete(void*)+00014
   03AEFBC8    03AEFBC0    PPC   FFD5068C TextMode+00018
   03AEFBB8    03AEFBB0    PPC   0C034550 NQDSetPort+00034
   03AEFBA8    03AEFBA0    PPC   0B3D0990
   03AEFB98    03AEFB90    PPC   0BA76488 free+00030
   03AEFB78    03AEFB70    PPC   FFD4DB00 BackPat+0001C
   03AEFB58    03AEFB50    PPC   0BA76488 free+00030
   03AEFAF8    03AEFAF0    PPC   FFD4DD70 PenPat+0001C
   03AEFAD8    03AEFAD0    PPC   0C03889C NQDInvertArc+00054
   03AEFAB8    03AEFAB0    PPC   0C0343BC NQDPenPat+00020
   03AEFA88                PPC   001B758C EmToNatEndMoveParams+00014
   03AEFA68    03AEFA60    PPC   0C0AEEFC GetCollectionItem+00030
   03AEFA58    03AEFA50    PPC   0C03889C NQDInvertArc+00054
   03AEFA18    03AEFA10    PPC   0C0AD218 GetCollectionItem+00060
   03AEF9E8    03AEF9E0    PPC   0C2065A4 EditTextCDEF+000FC
   03AEF968    03AEF960    PPC   001DD3D4 CFLOpenContainer+00078
   03AEF95A                68K   FFC7F9AA _FreeAlert+013B2
   03AEF948    03AEF940    PPC   0C2099EC EditTextCDEF+03544
   03AEF93C                68K   02F5DF7A
   03AEF908    03AEF900    PPC   FFD4D8FC SetPort+0001C
   03AEF8E0                68K   0028F332
   03AEF8B8                PPC   0B994840 NET_ProcessNet+003C4
   03AEF8B0                68K   03AEFC3E
   03AEF878    03AEF870    PPC   0BA20808 PR_Poll+00024
   03AEF868    03AEF860    PPC   0B9B1D38 net_ProcessHTTP+00260
   03AEF838                PPC   0BA26AFC PR_Sleep+00054
   03AEF828    03AEF820    PPC   0B999410 NET_ClearConnectSelect+00010
 Displaying memory from 0
  00000000  FFC1 0000 FFC1 0000  0018 2626 0018 2628  �¡€€�¡€€€€&&€€&(
  00000010  0018 262A 0018 262C  FFC0 31A8 FFC0 31AA  €€&*€€&,�¿1®�¿1�
 Closing log


19 years ago
Target Milestone: M10


19 years ago
Component: XPInstall → XPApps

Comment 17

19 years ago
not an xpinstall bug... see Chris's stack trace
changing component to XPApps


19 years ago
QA Contact: jimmylee → beppe

Comment 18

19 years ago
Changing QA Contact to match changed Component.


19 years ago
Target Milestone: M10 → M11

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19 years ago


19 years ago
QA Contact: beppe → don


19 years ago
Target Milestone: M11 → M12

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19 years ago


18 years ago
Last Resolved: 19 years ago18 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID

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18 years ago
No longer valid with necko.

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18 years ago
Adding crash keyword
Keywords: crash


17 years ago
QA Contact: don → sairuh
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