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Save changes pops up a "Please fill in field" info tip for nothing


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Steps to reproduce:

I translated the article from en to fr.

I tried once on a computer but after a mistake (I loaded a webpage) I lost every change.
So I tried again back home.

Actual results:

Then I can't save my changes anymore because Kuma seems to think there's an empty field.
I don't know which one since the info tip isn't even in the firefox window...

Plus, when on the English version, we can see in the language selector that French is already done but when clicking on French, it says it's not translated !
Summary: Save changes popup a "Please fill in field" info tip for nothing → Save changes pops up a "Please fill in field" info tip for nothing
Thank you for reporting this. I will be sure the development team looks into it.

A few questions:

1. How did you lose every change? Did you hit "back"?
2. What error message did you get about the empty field?
I am going to break this bug down a bit. So far, I have opened bug 776175 about the French locale issue.
1. I started a research with the search bar which loaded google in the tab I was using to translate
2. The message is in French : "Veuillez compléter ce champs"
Thank you for the information. I am very sorry your changes were lost. I will be sure we fix this.

I have divided this bug into three smaller bugs: bug 776175, bug 776584, and bug 776586. Please read those bugs and let me know if they are correct.

I am going to close this bug because the issues are now in three smaller bugs.
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