Autophone - Gradual S1/S2 regression in "throbber start" time




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6 years ago
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6 years ago
A 60-day view of Local Twitter Page / Time to Throbber Start on shows a gradual increase. The increase looks nearly linear, with greater slope for the Nexus S phones than for the GS2. (There is no such increase for the Time to Throbber Stop.)

Such a constant increment over a long period seems odd -- is there a fault in the test framework? Is something accumulating in the profiles??

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6 years ago
I'm not positive about this. At the moment, the framework does not reboot the phone before or after each test. I think that, perhaps, the Nexus S phones have some bug that slowly decreases performance over time. The Galaxy S2 doesn't seem affected by this. I will add a reboot before each test to see if that smooths out the line.

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6 years ago
I am running yet another batch over the same time period (June 3 to now) but rebooting the phone before the test run. Results will be available at
in addition to rebooting, are you running with a clean profile each time?

Comment 5

6 years ago
Yup, new profile every time.

So now with reboots, there still appears to be a gradual increase in throbberstart time. Although this time it looks more like a few increases until June 17, then a levelling out. Note that throbberstop does not show this increase.

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6 years ago
So we're pretty sure we know about the throbberstart regression in mid June, and it looks like there is no real regression after that.
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4 years ago
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Summary: Gradual S1/S2 regression in "throbber start" time → Autophone - Gradual S1/S2 regression in "throbber start" time
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