on Send Mail Error, sending dialog remains forefront with ERROR dialog behind it



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Steps to reproduce:

On sending an email, a dialog pops up which declares it is sending the email.

Sometimes, that send fails, either due to a disconnect, server time-out or other [unknown] cause.    When that happens, that error forces another dialog to pop so declaring.

However, the first dialog [sending] remains to the front, and the error dialog box [as it happens, wider Left/Right] is behind.  In order to dismiss the error DLG, I have to select it first, and the acknowledge the error, at which point both DLGs disappear

Expected results:

When a SEND mail request results in a Sending DLG box, and an error occurs which brings up an ERR DLG, the ERR dialog should be foremost.

Whether or not the original SENDing DLG should remain, I haven't thought deeply on, but at the least, it should be behind the ERR DLG

This may be in the same coding area as might be encountered with Bug 120278, and might both be cured in the same swoop.


6 years ago
Component: General → Message Compose Window


4 years ago
See Also: → bug 1072628
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