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Steps to reproduce:

I reply or forward a message directly, without open.

Actual results:

when reply or forwarding a message body appears as the same one that was not that I want to reply or forward.

Expected results:

should receive the body of the message you reply or forward and no other
info@ast... (reporter):
1) are you saying that when you reply or forward a msg, the body of another, unrelated msg is used and quoted in the new msg?
2) does this happen for *all* messages which you reply or forward?
3) does this happen *every time* for affected message?


6 years ago
Severity: normal → major

Comment 2

5 years ago
I can confirm this bug, but only on specific conditions: IMAP account, receiving e-mail with IMAP IDLE.

Steps to reproduce:

* Write an e-mail in Thunderbird, save it as draft and open it in three-pane view.
* Send you an e-mail externally (outside of Thunderbird) to your account.
* Back in Thunderbird: Right-click on the received e-mail (with IMAP IDLE), choose forward as inline and you will read the text of your draft!! Works even with attachments (in the draft). And if you change something in the draft, it's also updated in the intentionally received e-mail.

Fortunately, the self-mailed e-mails aren't changed on the server (checked with webmailer).

Comment 3

5 years ago
I'm sorry for the SPAM :-| It seems all **** what I wrote in the last comment 'cause I did all the third steps (clicking on received e-mail) in a self-created "unified inbox" (search-folder, with drafts included). I forgot this. I'm sorry.
lacks clarification from reporter
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