Launching executable downloaded file extremely slow in latest nightly




Downloads API
6 years ago
6 years ago


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Windows 7

Firefox Tracking Flags

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6 years ago
When I download an executable file (I was latest downloading ), the download completes successfully, and I see the green arrow in the upper right hand corner, but when I click it, nothing happens for quite a while (on the order of 8-10 seconds). I have waited for the file to completely finish, as this was a download that I let run (should have taken ~1 min to complete), and then went and grabbed lunch, so I know the download manager isn't writing to the hard drive or performing any finishing.

Usually, this results in me clicking in several times, causing it to finally bring up about 4 or 5 of the install windows for the installer I was downloading when it finally does launch. Often, I can force it to launch using the magnifying glass icon (the open containing folder option), but this doesn't actually open the containing folder - it simply seems to purge the queue of waiting operations on the download manager, which happen to be all of the attempts to open it that I already made.


6 years ago
Component: Downloads Panel → Download Manager
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
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