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Firefox Tracking Flags

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* if a platform has no results, print no results
* if there are no results for a test, print that, no 99999

* ensure that all fields are optional with adequate help to find valid fields.

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6 years ago
* add :) or :( if the range is better or worse
* add minified links to graph server.

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6 years ago
these should be fixed in:

If all is working well, I will put a patch up to add this to the talos repository.

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6 years ago
Created attachment 647884 [details] [diff] [review]
add to the talos repository (1.0)

this version of addresses all the wish list items in this bug also.
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6 years ago
As long as the bug title has wish list in it, mine is to have this replace compare-talos

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6 years ago
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add to the talos repository (1.0)

Thanks, Joel, this looks really good, and I think having it in talos would be good.  There are numerous TODOs, but you have noted some of them nor are they high priority.  I'd really love to combine this with other efforts towards the same direction, particularly and datazilla, but AIUI this is mostly a stop gap until we have the new death star, er, i mean datazilla up and running.

I would probably make a top-level subdirectory, scripts/, for this, but maybe overkill for just one


+    low = 999999

I don't really like this pattern.  I'd use sys.maxint if i *really* didn't want to check for None, though I'd probably just check for None

in main():
+    global platforms, tests

You would only need these here if you wrote to these variables.  You don't

+            print "ERROR: please specify the skipdays between 0-30"
+            sys.exit(1)

i would probably use parser.error("ERROR: please...") for these lines

+    headers['user-agent'] = "python-googl"

Is that correct?  FWIW, I absolutely hate short urls.
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6 years ago
landed in talos with as many nits as possible to address:

NOTE: I needed the global variables since I was assigning platforms and tests.  Also setting to None didn't work with my comparison to a number.  It would have made the code a bit uglier.

Lets work on filing more bugs to make this a good tool for the next 4-6 months while we transition to datazilla.


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6 years ago
Sounds like a plan
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