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7 years ago
I'm running native nightly 17.0a1 (2012-07-23) on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

If I visit: there is a a "Follow:" followed by rss, twitter and YouTube icons in the top left of the page.

If I scroll, the Follow text stays in the top left corner.

If I pinch zoom, the Follow Text stays on the top left corner even while zoomed in.

This feels totally wrong to me, although all of the other browsers behave the same way. 

This is especially bad from the accessibility point of view. If you're hard of seeing, having the Follow Text get bigger and bigger as you zoom in, makes it obscure more and more of the screen.
What would you rather see in this case? (I doubt we will change this behaviour, but curious to know what you have in mind).
OS: Linux → Android
Hardware: x86_64 → All

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7 years ago
I would have expected that zooming in would just show the portion of the "full-sized" screen that's being zoomed in on.

So if you're at 100% there is some rectangle which you can see on the screen. I was expecting that pinch zooming would create some smaller rectangle, and what I'd be seeing is whatever can be see through that smaller rectangle.

This is more or less what the iPad does. They seem to use some type of elastic effect in the Follow text so that it starts to follow the top-left, but once you zoom in beyond a certain point, it stops tracking the top.
I agree this feels wrong on this page, but this scenario is indistinguishable to the browser from other scenarios where this would be the right thing to do. I think in this case it's up to the content author to style the div appropriately so that it doesn't do this. Note that both the stock browser and Chrome on Android 4.0 behave the same way, so changing our behaviour will probably impact other sites that rely on this.
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