Pref off about:apps until bug 774408 is fixed in apps in the cloud client



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6 years ago
6 years ago


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6 years ago
Given that we will not be fixing bug 774408 for the initial release of apps in the cloud, we should pref off about:apps until bug 774408 is fixed. Right now, that bug basically makes about:apps look really bad if someone goes to it, so I'm suggesting we pref off for now.

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6 years ago
Anant - What's your thoughts on this? I see this as a good approach in the short-term while we are not focusing on about:apps without the fix in bug 774408. Overall, I saw four options we could do for 1st release of AITC:

- Fix it (not important, as brought up in the UI discussion)
- Do Nothing (probably a not good idea, as there is possible for exposure to a non-working UI)
- Backout (probably not a good idea, as having the idea for about:apps isn't necessarily a bad idea)
- Pref off (keeps the code around, but removes the broken UI exposure)
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