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Make Marionette Python 2.6 compatible


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In order to run in TBPL, Marionette will need to be Python 2.6 compatible.  We can omit running it on OSX 10.5, which would require Python 2.5 compatibility.
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The 2 items removed were added with Python 2.7. Since we don't appear to be using them, as far as I can see I removed them.The other alternative is to wrap them in a try except
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What about expectedFailures and unexpectedSuccesses (e.g.,  These seem to have been introduced in Python 2.7.
expectedFailures and unexpectedSuccesses are part of 2.6 however skipped isnt ( will update patch
removed skipped and code to do with it.
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Allow tests to work with python 2.6 V2

I'd rather not strip out support for skipped/todo tests just to appease Python 2.6; I think it would be better to implement support in Marionette for this so it will work with Python 2.6, which probably means porting some of the stdlib stuff into MarionetteTestResult and MarionetteTextTestRunner.
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I took at this and think it's too much trouble to try and backport support for skipped/expectedFailures/unexpectedSuccesses.  So this patch fixes things so they won't break with Python 2.6, and I think we can implement support for skipped, etc using the test manifests in a separate patch
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Ok, the last patch was *really* dumb wrt to failure count in the XML generator.  This one isn't.
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make Marionette Python2.6 compatible

looks good to me
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