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I find it rather tiresome to manually post these.  (I wrote "List changeset URLs" to solve a similar problem.)

But now that tbpl can talk to bugzilla, we should just make a button that posts the cset URL to the affected bugs and do away with "List changeset URLs".

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5 years ago
(In reply to Chris Jones [:cjones] [:warhammer] from comment #0)
> But now that tbpl can talk to bugzilla

TBPL can't actually talk to bugzilla (at least not yet), we are using (repo: to mark merges. (In the future I imagine we'll import the m-cMerge functionality into the TBPL repo, rather than hosting separately).

There is an existing issue open in the bitbucket tracker ( for making m-cMerge support marking inbound pushes too.

Once that's fixed, we could just replace the "List changeset URLs" link with one pointing to something like
This features is now implemented in m-cmerge.  Example:
m-cMerge is fairly heavyweight: for single changeset pushes, it'll still be faster to flip over to a Bugzilla tab and cut-and-paste. I think we'll want a different solution for that case.

That said it should be useful for pushes with multiple changesets. I'm happy to put together a patch to add the relevant links to TBPL if you think it'll be a useful first step.
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Add m-cMerge links

Haven't requested review, as I'm still not sure how useful it would be given comment 3, but this adds m-cMerge links to non-Try trees.


5 years ago
Summary: Feature request: add a button to auto-post csets to bugs → Add a button to auto-post csets to bugs

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5 years ago
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Add m-cMerge links

lgtm :-)

Whilst we could maybe do things like only showing on mozilla-central, or for pushes over size N; I think it's not worth making the UI inconsistent - so as is wfm. (With revised commit message :-))
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Leaving this open for now. We can do better for small pushes.


5 years ago
Depends on: 791282

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5 years ago
(In reply to Graeme McCutcheon [:graememcc] from comment #6)
> e32299202235

This part is now in production.

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5 years ago
I'd like to close this bug now to make things easier to track. cjones, did you still want something to cover the smaller pushes use-case? If so, I'll file another for that and morph the summary of this bug to be just about m-cMerge.
I've pulled together some thoughts on small pushes, thoughts/comments welcome:


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