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(Whiteboard: u=dev c=infrastructure p=1 s=2012.16)

We need to get a -dev server set up for the new Input codebase.

Corey mentioned that he wants us using the new IT setup. I don't remember offhand if the existing -dev server uses the new setup or not. Regardless, we should nix the old -dev server and create a new one.

We should have it track the master branch for fjord. Any time we commit to the master branch, it should trigger a deployment.

I think this is a 2 pointer because it involves figuring out who to talk to and all that. Plus it'll probably involve some setup and configuration. Definitely involves an IT bug.

Putting it in the 2012.16 sprint because I don't think we'll be ready for this until then.
I've got this in progress.
Assignee: nobody → willkg
Making all of these P2--they need to get done asap.
Priority: -- → P2
I think we've hit a critical mass for this one. I'll continue working through it tomorrow and hopefully we'll have it in the next week.
Bug 780624 is the IT bug for setting up the dev server.
-dev server is set up. It's tracking the master branch of the fjord repository. It updates every 5 minutes.

I started going through things and bumped into a bug... But I think it's prudent to just open up new bugs for issues we discover on -dev rather than keep this one open.

Given that, I'm closing this out.
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