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This will aid in keeping track of what happened, who was on vacation, etc.
The IRC conversation that led to this:

<willkg> pmac: oo--one other thing! one of the things we want to do with sumo is codify some of the things that went into sprint planning.

<pmac> willkg: not your fault. 

<willkg> e.g. "This sprint is going to focus on the UX for feeding animals. rdalal is going to be in a weather balloon for a day, r1cky is on a mustard tasting cruise in the carribbean next week, ... thus we're allocating 22 points. Also, free beer for everyone!"

<willkg> i was thinking of tossing a text field on the sprint.

<pmac> willkg: oh.. so you want a notes field?

<pmac> sure

<willkg> yeah! notes!

<willkg> might be interesting to capture post-mortem notes, too.

<willkg> where "might be interesting" is really "it would be helpful".

<pmac> yeah… it would be cool also to have a way to indicate the percentage of time people who participated in the sprint had

<pmac> so, after a sprint, you could go back and say that you were only 50% there b/c of vacation or something

<pmac> this would help w/ velocity calculations

<pmac> we used to add that kind of info to a notes field for sprints

<pmac> but it'd be nicer to have it in a usable form like that for some automatic numbers

<pmac> willkg: I'll add a bug for the notes field

<pmac> willkg: Markdown cool w/ you for the input formatting?

<pmac> willkg:

<willkg> pmac: mmm... everything we do is in reST, but markdown is fine. i'd be fine with fixed-width font, too.

<pmac> willkg: whatever you want. I like md for simple text fields (github, stackoverflow), but reST is fine too. 

<willkg> pmac: i cede decision making to you, oh dread king of all things scrum.

<pmac> willkg: muhahahahaha
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