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6 years ago
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6 years ago
I pushed for not moving profiles to the sdcard awhile ago to increase the security of our password store. I don't really think the same thing is necessary of our bookmarks/history databases. Having a split profile, some on the sdcard, some on internal storage should be easier for us since Gecko doesn't actually touch this database.

Even with master password enabled we don't encrypt these databases, so there's some precedent for treating them as less "private".

We should still maintain our profile structure on the sdcard, so that multiple profiles will still work. For book-keeping, we could add a key to profiles.ini to indicate where the split profile is located, but that's probably not necessary.
I am tempted to WONTFIX on the grounds of the increased complexity and the breeding ground for bugs we'd be creating. I don't know that this is a big enough issue to justify the complexity. History expiration seems like a better way to keep the DB sizes lower.
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