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Send telemetry metric when exceptions are thrown.


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We should send a metric for thrown exceptions. It should include the exception type (i.e. class) and the stack trace. Many users have asked for the ability to get the stack trace in release builds when exceptions are thrown.
Attached patch for: 1) add method for dumping the MethodFrame stack to a string, and 2) send a telemetry metric for thrown exceptions with the error class and stack trace.
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Send metric for thrown exceptions with stack trace

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::: //depot/main/FlashRuntime/Main/code/third_party/avmplus/core/AvmCore.cpp
@@ +1656,5 @@
> +                // get the full class name including the namespace
> +                so->traits()->print(exceptionStringBuffer, true);
> +            } else {
> +                // backup, just convert atom to a string, it will say "Error"
> +                exceptionStringBuffer << StUTF8String(string(exception->atom)).c_str();

I did not fully understand the comment regarding "Error".
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The comment just means it will say just "Error" for the exception class instead of something more useful like "flash.errors::IOError". Interestingly "Error" is all the exception dialog in debugger builds says. I don't actually know of any cases where it would get into the backup code anyway.
changeset: 7528:cbe55af57d88
user:      Dan Schaffer <>
summary:      Bug 779625: Send telemetry metric when exceptions are thrown. (p=gcomnino,r=fklockii,r=rulohani)
Tamarin isn't maintained anymore. WONTFIX remaining bugs.
Closed: 10 months ago
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