Locked profile prevents Gecko startup (zombie process?)




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(we lost scrollback when investigating, so please bear with us)

The .parentLock file existed in the profile and was preventing startup of Gecko (even on application re-launch, although the lock timestamp changed each time). Running 

`adb shell ps | grep fennec`

showed 2 processes, one marked as a Zombie .mozilla.fennec and one marked as an S org.mozilla.fennec.

Once we moved the .parentLock aside over adb, pages then loaded again. Running the same ps command after moving the lock aside still gave us

app_131   27266 4933  0      0     ffffffff 00000000 Z .mozilla.fennec
app_131   27300 1     591940 56912 ffffffff 00000000 S org.mozilla.fennec

Matt has logs that he plans to attach in the next few minutes.
Created attachment 648168 [details]
Logging output from attachment 647879 [details] [diff] [review] showing profile->Lock problem

I got Alex to install my debuggable build with logging (attachment 647879 [details] [diff] [review]) and that's how I realized it was a profile locking issue since the output stopped at: 
  08-01 17:27:38.900 I/Gecko   (10463): BRN: nsAppRunner.cpp: SelectProfile 12
which is right before: 
  rv = profile->Lock(getter_AddRefs(unlocker), aResult);
and it would have output SelectProfile 13 if the lock was acquired.

Is ".mozilla.fennec" an expected fennec process name?
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