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Update .py entry in PSL


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I got the following email:

While writing a piece of software to extract domain from e-mails I found a bug in the Public Suffix list for Paraguay - the TLD is divided in 7 pieces now (top-level, com, net, org, gov, edu & coop). Here is the unified diff.

Paulo Ney de Souza

--- list_old    2012-07-04 20:00:39.000000000 -0300
+++ list_new    2012-07-13 14:02:56.012571018 -0300
@@ -5359,7 +5359,13 @@

 // py :

 // qa :
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According to, there are 7 second level domains, not 6.
I created the patch.
weppos: can you confirm that registrations are also allowed at the top level (i.e. that "py" is in the new list correctly)?

Very good point.

Looking at the official "availability checker", it seems it's not possible to check/register second level domains.

From the documentation I can read

> Los dominios de segundo nivel determinan la naturaleza del nombre de un dominio. Una empresa o institución podrá solicitar un determinado nombre de dominio de tercer nivel sólo bajo uno de los dominios de segundo nivel, aquel que mejor identifique o refleje los fines, la estructura, servicios, o productos de la misma.

> El NIC efectúa la delegación de nuevos nombres de dominio bajo los dominios de segundo nivel: ORG.PY, EDU.PY, MIL.PY, GOV.PY, NET.PY, COM.PY, COOP.PY.


> Corresponde al NIC determinar la habilitación de otros dominios de segundo nivel.

Which means that the second level is reserved to determine the type of the domain. The user must choose the second level that more represents the domain business.

Last paragraph means that NIC can determine the creation of additional second level domains.

Technically speaking, is a second level domain. I don't know if this is the only exception. Trying to search Google for .py domains returns only Python scripts for the first pages!

May be we should involve the registrar into the discussion?
Reaching out to the registrar, and/or Mozilla Hispano, seems like a good idea.

I contacted the registrar, I'm waiting for a response.
Got the response from the registry.

>  In .py can only be register third level domains.
> The available second-level domains are: com, edu, org, mil, gov, coop and net.

How do we want to handle the case of domain? Do you suggest

> *.py

or an exception?

Please note there is also that doesn't seem to be part of any standard SLDs. May be we should leave py? (parsers will detect the closest match in case of a SLD domain, as part of the PSL specifications).
weppos: I suggest that if the policy they gave you is "no top-level registrations", we should make the list reflect that, and add exceptions for the ones we find. So:

Or something like that. You should ask your contact about the status of

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I will ask my contact. IMHO leaving py would be a reasonable and pretty safe choice in this case.
Here's the response I got.

> Simone, 
> Yes there are two exceptions to the general rule,
> the first one is because it is a domain we (NIC.PY) use.
> The other was a mistake we made at the beginning of the implementation of the NIC.PY,
> and because it is an identification of the biggest
> University in our country, the domain is maintained. 
> These are the only exception until now, as far as I remember. This situation could change, of course. 

We can use exceptions at this point. I'll update the patch.
weppos: ping on the patch update? :-)

Attached patch Patch for .PYSplinter Review
Updated the patch to reflect email exchange with registry.
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