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running mochitests or talos tests on panda board fail to run after we load the initial page


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I have been unable to get mochitests running on panda board (android 4.0.4) and fennec 17 for the last couple weeks.  I have been able to run from the same build and toolchain on my tegra with no problem.  When comparing the logs, a few things are out of order, but these things are missing at the end of the logcat output on the panda:

01-04 05:55:35.566 I/GeckoApp( 1561): Got message: Tab:ViewportMetadata
01-04 05:55:35.576 I/GeckoApp( 1561): Got message: Content:StateChange
01-04 05:55:35.576 I/GeckoApp( 1561): State - 786448
01-04 05:55:35.576 I/GeckoApp( 1561): Got a document stop
01-04 05:55:35.576 I/GeckoToolbar( 1561): zerdatime 179274 - Throbber stop

by missing, I mean nothing at all shows up in the logcat output.  I have more debugging to do, but this is a non starter for using panda boards to run automated tests.

For comparison we can run reftests completely on the boards with the same build and tool chain.
I have a phone with Android 4.1.1 (Nexus S), and I can run mochitests just fine on there with the same build of fennec and the same tools/tests that fail on my panda board.

I suspect the problem is our OS build, maybe a resource that we depend on (either directly or indirectly) which isn't available and we are hanging.
Whiteboard: u=panda c=ateam p=2
adjusting the resolution from the bootargs resolved this.
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