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To improve the CTR and the helpfulness of articles, we want to be able to run search queries and looking at the scores next to the items have a good understanding of what is needed to move an article higher up, if that article would be a better fit for that search query. Since we want contributors to help with this, the scores should be as easy to read as possible.

Ideally, we would have the final score calculated and broken down into parts that influenced the final score (title score, content score, frequency score, etc), so people can see exactly what they need to modify in order to move an article beyond another one.
I understand the need, but the scoring is technical by nature. We implemented explain support. You can add "&explain=1" to the end of the querystring for search results pages to show the score breakdown from ES. Like I told Matt, I'm not sure what else I can do beyond that.

If you have specific changes you want to make, I'm game.
Wow, this was at least 3 LDAP password resets ago.
Target Milestone: 2012Q3 → Future
Priority: -- → P2
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