The sense of some GCLI command boolean parameters are wrong

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We can't have boolean parameters with a defaultValue (because all boolean params have an implied defaultValue of true), so we certainly can't have one with a defaultValue of true.
Also spaceBeforeConditional
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Whiteboard: [gclicommands]
Full list of booleans with default values:
- jsb/preserveNewlines
- jsb/jslintHappy
- jsb/spaceBeforeConditional
- jsb/unescapeStrings
- restart/nocache
- screenshot/fullpage

The problem is that e.g. jsb is a well known beautifier and people are used to the params as they are, with boolean defaults being either true or false.

I could simply use the strings "true" or "false", but need to speak with Joe about this.
Summary: The sense of the GCLI JSB command parameter 'preserveNewlines' is wrong → The sense of some GCLI command boolean parameters are wrong
(I made a typo above, the defaultValue of a boolean parameter is false not true)

There has to be a default one way or the other or it would be really confusing:
>> cmd --this --that

Where this and that had different defaults - one would be turning a feature on and the other would be turning it off.

It seems sensible for me for a switch to be switching something 'on' and that it's off by default.

How about having noSpaceBeforeConditional and dontPreserveNewlines ?
The commands now have the right sense, and we're doing more work on JSB in a separate bug.
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5 months ago
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