Provide a way to close current tab without opening the tab menu




6 years ago
6 years ago


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It would be nice if it is possible to close the currently open tab by sliding the addressbar to the left or right, so the user doesn't have to open the tab list. (I don't know if sliding it up or down to switch tabs is worth considering.)

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6 years ago
I feel like the address bar does not feel slideable, and this could lead to some confusing "what just happened?" situations if the user accidentally triggered this functionality.

Requesting UX feedback to see if this is something we'd want to do.
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I like the idea of having a quicker way to close tabs, but I think UX needs to explore some more options here before locking in on the "swipe URLbar" interaction. The title bar is already a fairly touch target heavy area, and I agree with Margaret that we might run the risk of confusing people who accidentally triggered this. 

How do we feel about morphing this bug to be "Provide a way to close current tab without opening the tab menu"?
Feel free to explore other possibilities. Currently, there are only content, url bar and tab counter.

Content: Either no-go to prevent confusion or accidentally closing the tab or partially impractial (e.g. zooming out until the page width gets much smaller than the device width)

Tab counter: Too small to do something, tapping the button long ... well, takes long.

Url bar: What about requiring swiping/drapping the finger a real distance like an ich/2 cm?
Summary: Close current tab by sliding urlbar/addressbar → Provide a way to close current tab without opening the tab menu
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