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Support webhooks for document change notifications


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It would be useful to support webhooks for change notifications. For example, other Mozilla sites (eg. dev hub) want to maintain local mirrors of MDN-managed content wrapped in their own respective site chrome

For webhooks, support a list of URLs associated with each document. When the document is changed, a POST request with details about the change is sent to each of the URLs. As an example, github supports webhooks like so:

Some notes & concerns:

* Webhooks should ideally be processed in an offline queue (ie. Celery), otherwise the response time of editing the page will be tied to the response times of all the webhooks attached.

* It could be handy to allow recursive webhooks. That is, attach a single webhook to /CSS and opt to receive notifications for /CSS/color, /CSS/animation, and /CSS/height. This could be troublesome if someone attaches a webhook to /, though.

* Who is allowed to attach webhooks? Anyone, to any document? Should we limit the # of webhooks any given user can have in use?
Priority: -- → P3
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No longer blocks: 756266
If you have an active need for this feature, re-open with your use case.
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