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HTTP auth prompt doesn't show keyboard


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When prompted for HTTP authentication (on, e.g., Firefox for Android doesn't bring up the on-screen keyboard until I tap an input field. This is on an HTC One X with ICS 4.0.3.
We have gone back and forth on this kinda of issue. Opening the keyboard reduces screen space. On the other hand, making the user tap is one more tap.

Personally, I like it the way we currently have it, but I'll loop UX in to comment.
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bug 781318 - Fix the append/skiplist for "WaitFor" and "BaseGetNamedObjectDirectory" signatures on hangs
I understand that screen real-estate is precious on phones, but when that prompt comes up and you're not using the password manager, what else are you going to do but input text?
Either way, the reason I thought this was a bug at all was that the editing cursor was blinking in the username field, which indicated to me that the device thought I was ready to input text, which I was not, given that the keyboard wasn't up.
This behavior is pretty annoying (and confusing because the cursor is blinking in the username field).

I don't think saving screen real estate is a valid reason because this is a modal native dialog, not part of the web page. Both Chrome and ICS stock browser open the VKB.
I can see both sides here, but I think generally I am leaning toward showing the keyboard. Partly to save an extra tap, partly because as Chris mentioned, it seems odd that the cursor blinks but no keyboard appears right now. 

While I agree with Mark that leaving the keyboard closed affords us more space, and generally makes it a little easier to digest what is happening on screen, that might not purely be a result of whether the keyboard is present or not. For one thing, we could probably do a bit of tuning to our dialog styling -- when you compare ours to stock browser or chome, we look a little unpolished by comparison. 

Happy to open a separate "give our dialogs a bit of UI love" bug about that, though.
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> Patch

remember to remove the debugging Log calls
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r=mbrubeck with minor nits addressed

::: mobile/android/base/
@@ +83,5 @@
>      private class PromptInput {
>          private String label = "";
>          private String type  = "";
>          private String hint  = "";
> +        public Boolean autofocus = false;

Why "public"?

@@ +140,5 @@
> +                                Log.i(LOGTAG, "xxx - Request focus 2 " + hasFocus);
> +                            }
> +                        }
> +                    });
> +                    Log.i(LOGTAG, "xxx - Request focus");

Remember to remove the debug logging.
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This appears to have turned bug 651866 permaorange.
(In reply to Ed Morley [:edmorley] from comment #10)
> This appears to have turned bug 651866 permaorange.

That's totally bizarre, since I don't think this code should be running during reftests at all.  I wonder what they are doing that calls the prompt service.

Backed out for now:
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This test was disabled for being all around faulty. This looked fine on try, so I relanded it.
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