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Clean up some old Mac code in comm-central


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Thunderbird 18.0


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Attached patch Cleanup patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Comm-central code contains some code pieces which are not supported anymore (mostly powerpc-apple-darwin code). This patch removes all of this unsupported code. I also opened TBSpotlight.xcodeproj with Xcode, so everything gets updated automatically. Because it complained about "Thunderbird.mdimporter" vs "thunderbird.mdimporter" I changed every occurrence of the mdimporter to "Thunderbird".
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Cleanup patch

Using Thunderbird.mdimporter will regress an earlier change where we were broken with our symbol building due to the way case-sensitivity works badly on Mac, so we can't change that back again, it needs to be all lower-case.
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Attached patch Cleanup patch v2 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Ah, interestingly, I didn't know that. So, I changed all to lower case than.
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Attached patch Cleanup patch v2Splinter Review
Had to remove this stupid LastUpgradeCheck...
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Can this be removed only after TB 17 so that TenFourbird PPC can build a 17ESR successfully?
Hm, I don't think this will hinder TenFourbird PPC in any way. This patch will only remove ony single leftover line of PPC code. Which can reverted easily, if needed. There are much bigger obstacles for PPC builds in Core code. But I'm up for whatever Mark thinks.
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Cleanup patch v2

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Sorry for the delay in getting to this. r=me with the following dropped.

::: mail/installer/
@@ +336,5 @@
>  res/html/gopher-text.gif
>  res/html/gopher-unknown.gif
>  #ifdef XP_MACOSX
> +

iirc, these were from a time we were placing the mdimporter in totally the wrong place, and so the case should remain the same (i.e. drop the changes in this file).
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Oh yes, you are absolutely right. I droped the changes.
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