Desired characteristics of requests to "tabs" collection in sync loadtests?



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6 years ago
The sync loadtests do not currently make any requests to the "tabs" collection.

Since this collection is stored in couchbase rather than mysql, it has different performance characteristics.  Just naively adding it into the existing loadtest setup seems to saturate couchbase write load.

We should decide on some simulated characteristics for this collection, then add it into the test.  For example, desired item size dsitribution, frequency of reads/writes relative to other collections.

cc'ing client devs for additional perspective.
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Tabs will be uploaded on almost every sync, and thus also all records but our own will be fetched on every sync. Each client provides one record, so we can assume an average of 1 or 2 records per collection (with highs of, say, 10?).

Each record will be large:

{"clientName":"John's Firefox on PC3600",
 "tabs":[{"title":"Slashdot", "urlHistory":[""], "icon":""}, …]}

so 100+ chars per tab. Users have between 1 and maybe 500 tabs open, with the mean and median being around 5. Power users like me will be around 300.

Naturally, I'll hit the max size for a WBO (256K), because our tabs format sucks :)

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Anything we want for Sync 1.5?
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