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Email current authors about their paid apps


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One of the new requirements:

Make apps currently using up-front or Mozilla-run in-app purchases incomplete and email authors telling them the story and that they can either complete their apps as free or set up BlueVia and sell them only on Firefox OS

CCing fligtar for wording on the email.
Assignee: nobody → cvan
Target Milestone: --- → 2012-08-16
Justin, can I get copy for this email, please?
The messaging for this isn't available yet; will post it when it is.
Target Milestone: 2012-08-16 → 2012-08-23
Justin, can I get an update on this copy?
I've pinged people again about the messaging.
Once we have copy next week let's do this ASAP
Target Milestone: 2012-08-23 → 2012-08-30
Assignee: cvan → kumar.mcmillan
This is ready in -dev:
(hmm, I no longer seem to have admin access but I think that's the URL)

Since we could spam a lot of people, if krupa or someone could help test it on -dev that would be a good idea.
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Resolution: --- → FIXED
I set up the email in dev at and it looked like it worked.

My only concern is that if the email will come from "Mozilla Add-ons" which is not the same as Marketplace.

So, reopening to have that fixed.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
To whomever writes the email message: do not forget to link to Manage Payments (`addon.get_dev_url('payments')`) in the email message (see bug 782365 for reference).
Thanks y'all.  For the record, the content is being discussed by PM/PR/Marketing on an email thread.
(In reply to krupa raj 82[:krupa] from comment #7)
> My only concern is that if the email will come from "Mozilla Add-ons" which
> is not the same as Marketplace.

Well, hmm, this is an interesting one. Krupa, if you use this URL the from address will be Firefox Marketplace:

Try that and see how it looks.
Kumar: I checked out the query this morning and it doesn't de-dupe people at all.  Could you make sure the qs is unique?  Current plan is to modify the wording of the email to send at the same time as our push.

Looks like this affects 21 people
oh, perfect. thanks
Krupa - can we close this?
(In reply to Wil Clouser [:clouserw] from comment #14)
> Krupa - can we close this?

The email hasn't been written nor sent though.
This went out.
Closed: 11 years ago11 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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