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CHECK_VALID_NODEINFO needs to be checked


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Not set





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The macro CHECK_VALID_NODEINFO has a few problems I can see.

- The first thing I noticed is that after the conversion to nullptr, we get the following warning message in GCC:
  nsNodeInfoManager.cpp:259: warning: NULL used in arithmetic
This is because the macro does (_extraName != nullptr) when it should do !!_extraName.
- Looking at the macro, I noticed that the argument _namespaceID is unused, presumably because aNamespaceID later in the macro should be _namespaceID. Fortunately it doesn't really matter because every _namespaceID argument is aNamespaceID.
- This should probably be converted to an inline function, as that would avoid the previous problem.
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Unfortunately, this requires including a few more headers, but maybe that's not a big deal.  I could also move the definition to the cpp and just lose the inlining, or just leave it as a sketchy macro.
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I forgot to fix the (foo != nullptr) thing, but apparently de-macroizing it shuts up the warning.  Awesome.  Fixed it now anyways.
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de-macro and fix

I can fix this another way if you prefer.
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