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svn revert mdn project


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I added a new template file to our svn project:

I went to our verbatim panel [1] and did "Update from templates" for each language, which created the promote-mdn.po files for each language.

But I noticed the .po files weren't added to svn, so I ssh'd to sm-verbatim01 and did:

svn add */LC_MESSAGES/promote-mdn.po

When I tried to commit, I got a notice that I needed to update first. But when I updated I got all kinds of conflicts! >< Now I'm stuck looking at a mess of a working directory[2] on the verbatim server and I'm afraid to touch anything without some extra help. 

I need help getting the working directory back in a, well, working state so that verbatim can push its edits into svn.
FWIW I went ahead and svn reverted the working directory to un-block things. I copied it into /home/verbatim/mdn_backups before though.
Product: Webtools → Webtools Graveyard
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