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Google group memberships are not recognized by Mailman


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(Reporter: dietrich, Assigned: limed)


Eg: I regularly need to approve postings on dev-b2g and dev-gaia mailing lists because the subscribers are posting via Google Groups, and aren't recognized as being subscribed.d
The reason why new forums are set up as moderated is because of spam coming from google groups. Automatically approving posts from google groups would just negate that.
More info:

One thing you can do right now is add legitimate posters to the auto-approve list. When you get asked to approve a message, there should be an option to always accept messages from that poster.
If you don't see that option, you can add them via the admin panel, at
Assignee: server-ops → gerv
Component: Server Operations → Discussion Forums
QA Contact: jdow → justdave
Dietrich, we are soliciting feedback [1] and updating the painpoints on our current setup, as there are several spots that we can't much improve without a more comprehensive approach. This bug being a perfect example.

I am drafting a blog post to bring in the wider community of voices, and am holding a MozCampEU session on how to address the overall issues. This doesn't help you in the short term much, but IT and :gerv in particular acknowledge and are working on the problem, for what it is worth.

Assignee: gerv → mburns
Automated control of something like accept_these_nonmembers for each list could be streamlined as we move our mailman2 instances into Puppet, but it is not a trivial addition.

I'll try and tackle this early next quarter, but don't have time in the immediate future for this.
Severity: normal → enhancement
Assignee: mburns → limed
Component: Discussion Forums → Server Operations: Infrastructure
Component: Server Operations: Infrastructure → Infrastructure: Other
Product: → Infrastructure & Operations
Component: Infrastructure: Other → Infrastructure: Mail
At this moment in time we do not have the cycles to work on this
Closed: 5 years ago
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