Methods to retrieve user data on external websites to display on page



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Steps to reproduce:

Ask if it's possible to pull MDN user data via xml/json/api to display on external sites

Actual results:

Nothing, not available. It'd be awesome to display our contributions on our personal sites, and also help promote MDN as a go-to resource for web development

Expected results:

http request awesomeness.
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Can you be more specific about "user data"? Some user data is a privacy risk. What exact details would you like to fetch from MDN?

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6 years ago
Sure thing Les. I wasn't wanting to be able to access any data that's privacy risking. More along the lines of Name/public ID associated with contributions, and then what changes to MDN that they gave. Sort of like how Github API allows you to pull your gists and twitter allows you to display your tweets and basic profile information. Great example of what would be great to have access to from inside MDN already: "recent activity". Creating an endpoint to grab that remotely and display.

Looking at my profile now, it shows an "API Key" option already, but doesn't outright give any examples of what it'd be used for. This could be something that ties in or is already tied in to my request.

I was hoping for no POST ability, just GET, allowing a user to show what they give back to the community at large and what they've done to make MDN a better resource. Not super important if it needs to be put off for the moment, but I think it'd be a good feature.
We have a json api right now :-)
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We do have some JSON APIs, but I don't think any of them cover the request use case.
Reopening. The current APIs do not expose any user related information.
This reminds me a bit of the open source report card:

We should probably start to have a list of what we would like to expose in a user json object:

* Username
* Number of edits
* demos submitted
* date joined
* badges earned ?
* ...

Please provide more feedback to be able to implement something here.
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