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Thumbnail for about:home is out of date/incorrect


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Firefox 20
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Bug 715928 added a static thumbnail to be shown when about:home is open in the tabs list, because taking screenshots was not possible on about:home. The layout of about:home has since been overhauled leaving the thumbnail out of date. 
In addition, even if it is updated to show the new styling, the thumbnail doesn't apply to the different layouts of landscape mode and tablets because the thumbnail always just shows the phone portrait mode.

Possible solutions:

1) Update the phone portrait thumbnail (and live with the fact that other layouts do not show a perfectly correct thumbnail)

2) Include a thumbnail for all every layout (probably not wanted, due to increased app size)

3) Use a generic icon/thumbnail that applies to all layouts (e.g. a big house icon)

4) Enable screenshots on about:home (might not be possible)
I think it's easiest to just go with option 1) for now, since does not seem to be a big deal for anyone at the moment. Anything else could happen in a follow-up. Any other opinions?
Therefore I created the new thumbnails with the same width/height as the old ones. They'd also save us 11,4 KB in size ;-)
Attached file The new tumbnails (obsolete) —
Ian, can you have a look at the thumbnails I created and check if they work for now? Or do you prefer another solution?
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Hey thanks for taking a look at this Peter, these look great.

One thing -- I had been meaning to blank out the text, since on larger resolutions it's actually readable and would look incorrect for other locales. 

Would you mind trying one where you remove the "Top Sites" text and thumbnail titles? Keep all the backgrounds in place, just remove the titles.
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Like this?
Yep, thanks Peter.
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I always wanted to submit a patch to Firefox, so here is my first try! \o/
No code change, I just swapped the three thumbnails.
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Oops. Sorry for getting late at this. This looks great :) :)
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Thanks, Sriram! :-)
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The about:home thumbnail was updated on the latest Nightly. Closing bug as verified fixed on:

Firefox 20.0a1 (2012-12-06)
Device: Galaxy Tab2 7"
OS: Android 4.0.3
Product: Firefox for Android → Firefox for Android Graveyard
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